For a brief moment, I ask you to stop whatever you are doing to answer three very important questions:

  1.      Who am I?
  2.      Why have I been placed here on earth?  And,
  3.      If I should die right now, ”How will I be remembered?”

They’re simple questions that defy simple answers.  After you are dead and gone, after you’ve lived your 40 or 60 or 80 years, when your time on earth has come to an end, when you are here no more, how will you be remembered?

What will be the legacy you are going to leave behind for your next generation, for your people, for your country, and for the entire world?

Whether we like it or not, how we live our lives will directly affect future generations.  Like a stone tossed into water creates ripples, our legacy will create the platform by which their lives will be lived.

For most of us, over time, our names will be forgotten. The people we were in life will be lost in the memories of those we left behind. However, our imprint on the world will never be erased.

We are on this earth only for a short while, and in that time we have choices, we have things we’ve got to do to live and there are other things that must be done which will affect the lives of so many in a positive way.

Whether you refer to “Him” as Allah, God or Yahweh, we all must account to Him individually one day when He calls our name.  I do not believe He is going to weigh our accomplishments by the material things we were able to accumulate during our short stay on earth but rather how much we were willing to reach out and touch the hearts of our fellow man.

Such it is with the following challenge I place before you to sow the seeds with us that will change a nation….the Philippines and indirectly change the world.  If you are interested in knowing how we at CTC are planting our seeds of change please read on.  If not, may God bless you in your other endeavors.

~ Challenge ~